Building blocks

A relatively new field of action for me is slotracing.

At this time I prefer Carrera Digital 1/32. But I like driving analog too.

To drive with slot cars you need of course a car and a track. Developing tracks means alot of fun to me. Some of my designs I show you here.


My Designs of slot racing tracks

A small Blog about the conversion of a blue Nissan 350z from Carrera.

My actual projects

All about my website

My own creations made out of paper.

Right now I have divided the skill-level in three parts:

My models are available online at WargameVault

PDF per download!


About my life as model maker.

Single Models and Dioramas


Fictional on land, in water, in the air and in space...

Models, unbounded

All remote controlled things that swim.

On road

off road


Things never finished...