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  • After a long period of time I wanted to write again some lines herein.

    Indeed today rose the wish to do more here. I don't know today what will come. After I closed my other sites (Inforitter + photo.inforitter), this site will be the main channel to express myself.

  • Aloha, inzwischen habe ich kleine strukturelle Änderungen an der Webseite vorgenommen.

    Die beiden Rubriken "In Arbeit" und "Neues" sind in die neue Rubrik "Blog" übergegangen. Die alten Beiträge sind noch im "Archiv" zu finden.

  • Aloha, meanwhile I made some structural changes on the website.

    The two categories "Work in Progress" and "News" are merged into "Weblog". The old entries can be found in the "Archive".