After a long period of time I wanted to write again some lines herein.

Indeed today rose the wish to do more here. I don't know today what will come. After I closed my other sites (Inforitter + photo.inforitter), this site will be the main channel to express myself.

The other sites made too much effort for me (time!). So I decided to shrink down. Also whether I will continue dual language mode or not is uncertain.

After years of abstinence (Graduate at evening school) I want to do some model making and similar.

Since 2016 I take photographs with risen standard, so I look forward to display my models more pleasant.

There is still another reason why my activities slagged: The legal situation became 2018 with the GDPR more uncertain in the EU and now more with the new european copyright (2019). There is much stuff in the web to frighten homepage owners. And indeed it did frighten me too. I did nothing in fear of doing the wrong thing or maybe I did it already. Do I have to rework my websites? If yes then how? Specific Information I found little in the web. So I will have to do the classic way, reading books!

After nearly two years of recontruction of the youthclub I can work honorary there again. The new slotcar room is ready since a few weeks and following this hobby is rising again.

A new addition are those little plastic bricks with studs. I grew up with those bricks from Denmark (LEGO©) and then came the "dark era" for me too. So, after many years (at age 47) I came back now as an adult fan of LEGO© (AFOL).  Meanwhile the world of bricks has grown. Many new producers try to fill in the gaps left over by the Danes. We'll see.

Finally I wrote a bit more then intended. I hope it wasn't too boring. Hm, the old comment function is gone. I will hang on.



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