This Rampart System is suited for 25 - 30 mm Figures and consists of six elements:

  • long straight              (242mm, three sheets) 
  • short straight             (121mm, three sheets)
  • 45° angled piece        (One sheet)
  • 30° angled piece        (One sheet)
  • End piece                  (65mm, One sheet)
  • End piece as ramp      (65mm, One sheet)

 Height about 35mm. So, no sight lines.

Ramparts overview

These elements can be connected by plugs (connectors).
Modular: All elements can be combined in any order.


All parts are designed for a paper weight of 190 - 210gsm.
Tools needed: A sharp knife, a ruler and paper glue.
The ruler should be a metal one.
A cutting mat is also recommended, preserves the desktop. ;-)

Printing: PDF, DIN A4, No Adjustment

Instructions: German, English


45° Angle

45 degree angle

30° Angle

30 degree angle

Passage, break through


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